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Tips for Finding and Buying Home

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Finding the Right Home for You


Work with a professional team

Identify your preferred areas for home and community

  • Geographic Area
  • What area do you wish to live in? Are school districts important to you? If so, be sure and inquire.

  • Desired neighborhood
  • Investigate the areas you think you want to live in and learn about the particulars. Find out about the community and the local environment. Talk to people who live in the area and gauge “neighborliness.” It’s just as important to consider the community around you as the home itself both for safety and comfort as well as the long term value of your home and property investment.

  • Pricing and prequalification status
  • Analyze your income and budget. It’s highly recommended that you work with a qualified lender to determine what you can qualify for before you start looking. A good realtor can make helpful recommendations. Identify a comfortable price range and stay within it when you start looking at properties.

  • Home size
  • Determine the size of house you would like that fits your means, including number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, yard areas, and the like.

  • Amenities
  • Amenities can range from extra rooms to remodeled kitchens and bathrooms to yard areas to nearby parks and recreation areas.

Evaluate the surrounding areas

    Consider all aspects of what it would be like to live in the homes you consider buying, including:

  • Local activities
  • Commuting patterns
  • Freeway access if applicable
  • Crime rates
  • Home values and trends the last many years

Closing the Deal

  • What’s the price range in which you would be comfortable accepting an offer? Discuss with your realtor and establish a minimum that’s reasonable.
  • Multiple offers – learn the basic necessities for identifying and accepting the right offer, and steps for negotiating when necessary.


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