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Choosing a Realtor

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Tips for Selecting Your Realtor

Your realtor is your partner and the most important decision you will make in this process.


Make Sure Your Realtor Is:

    Available: Someone who is easy to get a hold of, has time to spend and desires to know your individual circumstances whether you’re a buyer or a seller.

    Experienced and knowledgeable: Your realtor (and their office team) should have a good number of years of experience and knowledge of real estate and the market, as well as your surrounding area, so he/she can advise you expertly on pricing your home or knowing good values when purchasing a home. He/she should be aware of idiosyncrasies of particular areas as well as how to effectively market properties in your individual community and neighborhood. Your best interest should be their primary goal, not making a sale.

    Professional, personable and a good communicator: Your realtor should be friendly and engaging, always professional, willing to answer your and others’ questions. He/she should enjoy being sociable and taking time to cover relevant information without making you feel hurried.

    Honest and reliable: Find someone you can trust with personal information and rely on to keep personal information private, and who will respect your home.

    Technologically savvy: Our world is increasingly driven by technology and your realtor should be up on the current practices, at least as necessary to provide you with good service and timely opportunities in your local area. He/she must also be able to remain in steady communication with you throughout this process.



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