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Tips for Preparing and Selling Your Home

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Preparing your home



    To the degree you are able, aim for good timing – good weather, good market. If circumstances don’t allow for optimal timing, work closely with your realtor to identify all the ways you can present your home to its best advantage.

Optimize your home

    Make your home appear as roomy and spacious as possible. This means decluttering – move things into storage or if available, a garage, to open up space inside rooms and closets. Make sure your house and yard areas are clean and inviting. Preparing a home can take a little time and effort up front, but doing simple things can make a home sell faster and for a higher price.


    Make your home more anonymous – by removing some personal items noted above -- so prospective buyers can more easily see themselves and their belongings in this environment.


  • Work with your reliable professional to determine the best means to advertise your property
  • Set your price appropriately based on reliable research of your area and other comparable homes
  • Plan to hold open house days as appropriate
  • Explore all your options for listing – MLS, online resources, magazines, local website(s), and the like

Closing the deal

  • What’s the price range in which you would be comfortable accepting an offer? Discuss with your realtor and establish a minimum that’s reasonable.
  • Multiple offers – learn the basic necessities for identifying and accepting the right offer, and steps for negotiating when necessary.


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